Akshay Kale

Tokyo · Japan · (+81) 80-7838-2323 · ark.akshaykale@gmail.com

Software Developer with more than 3-year experience in developing apps, games and UI libraries. Expertise in Android app development. Good understanding of data-structure and Design patterns.

Github contributions chart:
Github contributions chart


Software Engineer (AI platform)

Rakuten Inc.
Tokyo, Japan

Working in AI platform group for development of FAQ conversational chatbots for many Rakuten services and Viber chatbots for Rakuten Eagles and FC Barcelona. Contributing to the development of NLP and Machine learning models for Image recognition.

March 2018 - Present

Software Engineer

Rakuten Inc.
Tokyo, Japan

Worked as a Software engineer in one of the biggest Internet Company in Japan. Worked on Life and Leisure services as a Mobile and web developer. Android Development, PHP web development, Creating and configuring HA servers(Redis- sentinel), FAQ AI bot using IBM Watson.

Oct 2016 - Feb 2018

Software Development Intern

Pune, India

Worked on Autodesk Fusion360 as a part of MPG-Fusion360 team. Worked on ToolBox project which was released in Nov-2015 update of Fusion-360. (https://youtu.be/LTvfan5J1oQ) Worked on Replicate project. Replicate is a way to reuse previously used parameters of Features.

June 2015 - Nov 2015

Project Intern

Pune, India

Worked with Research and Development team on hand gesture recognition using Microsoft Kinect-V2 sensor. Sign language translation is one of the application along with gaming.

Nov 2015 - May 2016

Co-founder and Lead Android Developer

Caravan Cabs
Pune, India

App development and design of Caravan Cabs consumer app. Caravan Cabs is a cab aggregator which combines all the cab providers in India like UBER, OLA, TFS into single app.

March 2015 - May 2016


University of Pune

Bachelor of Engineering
Computer Engineering

GPA: 3.3 / 4

July 2012 - June 2016


Programming Languages
SDKs, Tools and Frameworks
  • Android app development
  • UI libraries for android
  • Conversational chatbots
  • API development.



Keep log of your fine dining and build a timeline. Visualize the dishes on Map and Gallery with grid, list and timeline view.

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aiSHO is a visual translation app based on AI object recognition using tensorflow that visually translates in real-time what you are looking at on your smartphone screen.

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Awards & Achievements

  • Grand prize and AI track winner at Junction Tokyo-2018
  • Winner AngelHacks Hackathon, Mumbai (May - 2016)
  • 1st Runner up at AngelHack Osaka (June - 2018)
  • Winner of Venturesity Praxify Health-Hackathon (July - 2015)
  • Best App UI Award in AppXtream by Wipro (Oct - 2015)
  • 1st Runner up in HikeAThon by Hike Messanger (Dec -2014)
  • Winner Instavans Hackathon, organized by Venturesity, Bangalore. (March -2016)